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Castle Oaks
R93 D5K8 Carlow Town
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Magic Print is a company that is going to help building your brand among your employees and customers. They deliver quality promotional merchandise, that your business can distribute to your audiences. Free gadgets are always highly praised by large crowds, so it is certain that you will gain quite a few new customers by giving out accessories with the logo of your company printed on it. Magic Print will make sure the quality of the engraving is wonderful and that the project is sharp and attractive, so new people have no trouble in looking up the website.


Personalised mugs a great way to equip your office with a set of matching products and also gift them to your employees, strengthening their bond with your company. Such an activity is a very important step in building your brand – you start with your employees loyalty and then you can move on to giving them out to your customers. This way you create a network of people who own your branded merchandise and promote your business by using it everyday. The biggest advantage of choosing personalised mugs is their usefulness – no one is going to get rid of a stylish coffee cup.

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