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Having a good marketing strategy is half the success of the company. Which is why it is so important to make sure that the products chosen as promotional items are of great quality and the logos they are equipped with are going to be visible and last for a long time. 3D Stickers is a company that takes care of preparing reliable domed decals, that are going to be a great addition to any previously owned advertising gadgets. These stickers are known for their reliability and longevity, so every business owner can safely invest in them. Domed decals

Epoxy resin

Epoxy stickers, known also as domed decals are created by applying a layer of a clear epoxy resin on a chosen graphic. This coating is then responsible for the 3D effect and the fact that the emblems and labels do not turn yellow. Domed decals are frequently used to add an even more visible and obvious logo and information on a chosen product. Even big corporations buy them to signify which product is theirs and to have their customers gifted with something that is not going to wear and tear too soon, granting them a very effective marketing strategy.

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