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JK - Maschinenbau

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JK-Maschinenbau is a widely known European producer of modern filling and labeling machines. Such comprehensive equipment can perform both tasks perfectly, with only little human control or without it at all. It adds self-adhesive labels to the bottles or other containers, making them recognizable for your clients. It is up to you if you want to invest in a fully automatic or just semi-automatic machine. Either way, there is no need to additionally invest in a complex training for your workers, because of their simplicity.

Filling Lines

JK-Maschinenbau manufactures, among other things, a modern automatic liquid bottle filling machine. Thanks to this marvellous enhancement, you can make the production process in a factory much faster and more effective. As the device works independently, there is no need to employ an additional person to your crew. It can be adjusted to a particular substance that you work with, such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food products. What is more, it can be used to fill bottles with hazardous materials.

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