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The online shop called Roimex is a perfect place for people who need tools and accessories for joining wooden elements together. Their clients are usually companies specialised in refurbishment, building, carpentry, roofing and not only. What is more, they frequently cooperate with firms that manufacture new Euro pallets and fix broken ones. Thanks to their experience and qualifications, they can carefully select the best products only, thus you can be sure that all the items available in their stock are solid.

Shop - Roimex

Roimex can provide you with, among many other things, durable roofing nails. They are used for fastening shingles, assembling tiles or sheet metal and not only. There are various kinds of them, depending on a material that they are supposed to fix. For example, aluminium ones are advised for metal roofs and shingles, but they may not prove useful if confronted with salt and chemicals. If you live in a humid place, you should choose stainless variants. What is more, Roimex offers galvanised roofing nails, which are more resistant to rust and work well for asphalt shingles.


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